Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun Things!

Ah another Monday. It's always good to get them over with. Today was not so bad. I implemented my new discipline policy, and it went well. I had 26 students today. Tomorrow I get #27 and I have room for one more. My notes on Friday Folders made an impact-it was quiet today. I got four pages of "I will respect my teacher and classmates" lines from little mean girl-her parents made her write them. She also apologized for talking back to me on Friday. Loud translator was quiet all day today-ALL day. O.D.D. Eddie Haskell aka Parrot (the name I gave another lovely) was quiet too-I have a meeting with his mom on Wednesday. He just doesn't stop making comments about everything I say-it's obnoxious. He's also on the mean side, with little self control. I got an email from his mom warning me about behaviors I would see from him. Great. Those are my top 3 "winners," all seated together, with the non-worker, for easy access. There are others who are less of a distraction, but still distracting. It's quite a class. You really would not believe it. Really.
Quinn wore his letterman sweater to school today. I think he looks so cute in it.
We are having a book fair at school. I picked these books up for the boys. They were all hits! The Star Wars books are for Quinn, and the other two are for Riley.
This book is super cool.
It's cut-away pictures of the inside of the Millennium Falcon.
Super cool.
I also got these. Chocolate calculators. They come in a box that looks like a candy bar. They are even wrapped in foil. The calculator itself looks like a chocolate bar, and it SMELLS like chocolate! Super cool.

I got some fun stuff too-beads (and I need a hole in my head too). I love these czech flower beads. Perhaps I'll have some time this weekend to make some jewelry. I've been meaning an update to the shop.

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