Friday, September 24, 2010

Poor Maya

We took Maya to the vet today. She's been peeing in the house, and last night she peed on me! She's been shaking a lot and in the mornings, she doesn't want to come out of her crate. When we take her out to go potty, she won't go-and usually she does. When she hasn't gone potty, she has an accident in the house. We were at the vet's office for over an hour. They were behind, and then the doctor decided to run the test results herself, so we waited, in case she needed medication. Maya was anxious the whole time. She wanted to smell every new person, every new animal, and to smell the smell of all the people and animals who have come before her. She was happy to get home though...

and fall asleep on the couch. She's on antibiotics and has to go back for a check up in two weeks. Poor doggie. We hope the meds work quickly.

Happy Friday!! We are off to do fun things tomorrow, and I hope to get some jewelry made this weekend as well.

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