Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today was the first soccer game of the season. Quinn had a game at 8:00 am. We all had to be at the field by 7:30. Oh it was so hard to wake up. Once we were there, in the wet grass, with the sun in our eyes, it was sort of fine. Kevin and I are quite annoyed with the organizational skills of this soccer league, and if Quinn plays next season, we will look for a different league. For example, today was opening day. I expected all 4 soccer fields to be full, as well as the little fields they use for the littler players. Instead, there were four teams playing. That's IT. It didn't look so busy for the games after ours either. Whatever. We have made our peace with the sucky game schedule-most of his games are on Tuesday nights. Tuesday is the worst night for elementary kids as there are school events. For example: Back to School Night, of which we have two, mine and his. My Back to School Night is Tuesday, and Quinn's got a game. I can't get him there, or even see the game. Kevin is at a conference, so we arranged for Kevin's parents to take him. Then next Tuesday is Quinn's Back to School Night, of which both Kevin and I will miss the game so that we can attend his BTSN. My parents will handle that one-I can at least take him to the game, but I can't stay to watch. The week after that he has awards at school so he can't play at all. It's not going to be a relaxing sort of sport at all. It's a horrible schedule.
Anyway...Quinn had fun in his first game. At first we could tell he was a little nervous. Those boys tower over him. He got comfortable, and then went after the ball. I really have no idea WHAT he's doing in this picture. Oh, see all of the blue? EVERYONE has the SAME uniform. We wore a blue shirt today, but Tuesday he'll wear a white shirt. Actually, he'll only wear the blue shirt 4 times. That seems strange for 12 games-that we are the home team only 4 times.
Yes, he posed for a picture while the game was going on-his entire team and the other entire team, were in a jumble for the ball anyway, and he was in his position.
Running to get the ball-it appears he is the only #17 on his team.
This is a cool shot, with the sun. Not so cool for us as it was in our eyes the entire game. They would not let the parents be on the other side, between the two fields, where the sun would be at our backs. It's for players and coaches only.
Oranges at halftime. We had snack duty, and that duty is complete for the rest of the season. This was the fastest halftime ever. I think they only got 10 minutes.
After the game, we came home for awhile (to get dry shoes), and then headed to Oakland. We went to the Oakland Museum of California for the Pixar exhibit. It was cool. Lots of art and sculptures from 25 years of Pixar movies. The best part though was they had this room with a really big, wide screen. It was a movie of the still art. The camera would go into pictures and the still art would be animated. It was sort of chronological of the Pixar movies. It was really cool. I can't really explain it well, but it was super cool. There was definitely a great feeling of motion because the screen was so big.
This "evil" pig is outside of the exhibit. We couldn't take any pictures inside. Some woman tried to, but they caught her, and then she played dumb: "Oh I didn't know..." I love that one. I get that all the time. "Nobody told me..." They told her before she went in.
This is on one of the outside wall of the museum. We went through the rest of the museum as well. It looks like they have remodeled since the last time we were there-for the Disneyland exhibit.

Since we were so close, we went to Fentons, for more yummy ice cream. This is the Black & Tan. It was yummy.

There were 53 houses completely destroyed in the San Bruno explosion on Thursday. 120 houses were damaged. 6 people have died, and there are many injured. Some of the injured have very serious burns. There are many residents who still can't get into their houses (if they survived the explosion). The outpouring of help and support has been incredible. It's a horrible thing, but events like these always bring out the good in people. The red cross has been overwhelmed with donations of clothing, food, blood, and money. It's great to see people come together to help one another. It will be a long road for many of these displaced people. Oh, and it appears to be the fault of PG&E. Old gas line. The residents smelled gas for a week before this explosion. I am hoping these families get lots of money for this.

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