Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just Some Tuesday Stuff

Remember last week, when I posted pictures of what a few of us did to a fellow teacher's classroom? We decorated it for his 40th birthday, with all kinds of great "senior citizen" items. Well, today was part two, and it was GREAT! He didn't suspect a thing!
We had the staff chip in to get a singing telegram for Steve. We reserved a singing gorilla. He burst into our staff meeting this afternoon. It was hysterical! He sang a little birthday song all about Steve.
I think the gorilla is kinda scary looking. Can you read Steve's shirt? Click it bigger. His mother is a retired English teacher. He's always correcting our grammar.
The gorilla even made Steve dance! We got him good, and I don't think there's any kind of age related joke he can play on us ever again, that can top this. Hysterical fun.
After school, we were able to go home long enough for both boys to finish their homework, and then we headed to Quinn's school for the Test Scores Celebration. Quinn's school recognized those students (about 250 of them/half the school) who did well on their state tests last April. Both boys were invited-eventhough Riley is now a 7th grader at another school. He still took the test as a 6th grader, and along with all of the others, helped raise the API score for the school. Here they are with their loot-certificates and goodie bags. We are very proud of them.

Look at that sky! It's probably pretty like this because of the smog hanging out with the hot hot air, from yet another Spare-the-Air day (our third, in a row). Anyway, it was so pretty and pink and purple, I had to take a picture. I like pretty skies. It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow-I certainly hope so as it was 97 degrees here today. Yuck.

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