Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coit Tower

After swimming this morning, we headed to the city. I had this urge to go to Coit Tower, so that's what we did. You know, the best days happen when you don't plan anything. It was a very spontaneous trip. We had a really good day. We are all windblown and tired, but we have a bonus day to recover tomorrow!
Can you see the stairs in this picture? They go WAY up Telegraph Hill, to Coit Tower. This is Filbert Street. There were more stairs than you can imagine. It's really pretty though. You go past all of these houses and they have the cutest gardens.
Once we were up in Coit Tower, the city views were spectacular. That's the Trans America Pyramid and downtown.
The view from the parking lot-tiny parking lot (where we didn't park-nooooo, we had to go up a million stairs). Nice view of Coit Tower.
After Coit Tower, we walked around Pier 39-literally, we walked around the outside of the tourist area, it was a lot less crowded. We, of course, ended up by the Sea Lions. The Sea Lions disappeared completely, earlier this year. Nobody knew where they had gone, or why, but now they are back. Cute, and smelly, as ever, and this is the 20th year of them being at the Pier.

After Pier 39, we were going to head toward home, but we decided to take one of those city tours. It was $20 a person, but kids 11 and under were free. Yes, we know Riley is 12. Yes, we know it was wrong to pass him off as 11, but the French driver, never even asked. It was a 2 hour tour, all over the city. The vehicle was a double-decker, open top, cable car bus. The tour guide was a funny French man. The Victorians in this picture are very famous. The yellow one with orange panels is the one featured in the sitcom Full House, as the Tanner residents.

It was an awesome tour, and an awesome day. If you want to see the rest of the pictures I took, all 178 of them, GO HERE.

Happy Memorial Day!

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