Sunday, May 2, 2010

Panios and Childern

Kevin and I went to Casino Night last night. The boys spent the night with my parents. Casino Night is a fundraiser for baseball, and a ton of fun! After the stress I felt over the Snack Shack schedule, I went with the full intention of drinking. They had baseball themed drinks, beer, and jell-o shots! I quite enjoyed the jell-o shots, but not the red or the green ones. There was also gambling, food (catered by Chevy's), music and dancing. We had a lot of fun! This was probably the best year! Our baseball friends are so much fun!
The event was held at the Veteran's Hall. We laughed ourselves silly over this sign, which has been on this "panio" for almost 7 years!! I pointed out that last year they had a sign on the doors to the kitchen that had the word "children" misspelled. So Kevin and I wandered over...

Ha ha ha ha! It's the same sign as last year! I just love this kind of stuff. Perhaps it's the teacher in me, but I really find it very funny.

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