Monday, May 24, 2010

I Made A Charm Bracelet and A Necklace That Needs Help

I felt restless all weekend, so I decided to play with my beads a little. Remember these? (Not the cute tins, the charms, scroll down). I finally put them to use!
I made a really cool charm bracelet. I actually LOVE it and I want to wear it everyday-at least until my Stella & Dot order comes! I'm not as wild about the necklace-it's boring in comparison with the bracelet. I went back to Michael's today and got some more charms, to embellish the necklace some. I'll show you when I get it all together. I couldn't work on it tonight. My evening was spent baking cookie bars for Quinn's Open House tomorrow night, and banana bread from my old bananas. It does smell mighty good in here though.

This picture is completely unrelated. My Open House is tomorrow night. My para and I did the unthinkable today...we HUNG stuff from the ceiling. Shhhhh. Don't tell my principal. Apparently hanging stuff is a fire hazard, and so is having paper go all the way up the wall. Click my picture larger and look at the tops of my walls. They are bare because there's some sort of rule (only enforced at my school BTW) that paper has to start 18" from the ceiling. Whatever. Rules, rules. We'll take the birds down Wednesday morning-or better yet, as the kids come in with their parents, I'll encourage them to pull them down to take them home-and I have some tall dads I could put to work too! Have I mentioned that one of my student's parents is a firefighter? You may remember this post. Wednesday also begins the destruction of my classroom, to ready it for summer. Yay! Summer! 17 days!

Anybody watching The Bachelorette? I so was not going to watch this hell, but I am sucked in. There's NOTHING else on TV. Oh the drama. I really don't like that Ali either, and I could care less who she ends up loving, but still, I watch. I am sighing and shaking my head.

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