Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Tech Museum

Kevin and I took the boys to the Tech Museum today. We met my inlaws there too. There's a brand new exhibit about Genghis Kahn there. We did that first. It was pretty interesting. When we finished with the exhibit, we wandered around the rest of the museum.
Here are the boys having wheelchair races.
Kevin and Quinn both had 3D scans of their heads. This one is Kevin. You can change the color and texture of your head.
Here's Riley defending the Sharks goal.
When you ask Quinn to strike a pose, he does just that.

Oh, and while walking around downtown San Jose, we passed lots of interestingly dressed people. There was a big Aname convention, Fanimecon, going on at the convention center. We wandered over to the front of the center, after lunch. Riley and Quinn were in Mario heaven! There were lots and lots of very different costumes. I have no idea who all of the characters were/are. It looked like everyone was having a ton of fun, and of course, you can't have fun without the Jesus people. They were protesting in front of the convention center. Really? They don't have anything better to do? I really don't understand why they have to show up at public events. Do they really get anybody to convert over, right then and there? Weird. I think they just don't know how to have any fun.

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