Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Boys, the Mail, and Snacks

Happy Wednesday. I am confused. I've been confused all day because all day I have thought it was Thursday. Bummer. Oh well, at least tomorrow is Thursday, and it's our last day of testing-cue the celebratory music.
Riley made a tripod at Scouts this week. I'm not sure why. He's not really sure why. It's cool though, so maybe that's why.
Quinn loves to play basketball. We find this quite amusing, because Quinn is 44 inches tall. He's not even tall enough to ride the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. There are kindergartners taller than him! Oh well, he loves it, and that's all that matters, and when I picked him up, he showed me that he can swish it! Here he posed for me with his basketball and his Globetrotters headband, with his loyal doggie behind him.
Piper and Arden got some yummy new clothes in the mail today! I ordered them from Blythe Urban Trends on Etsy.

I made a trip to Daiso today, and got that cute little box. Isn't it sweet? Want to know what's not so sweet? Those apple chips. They are sour apple, and they just aren't good. I am hoping the regular ones are better.

Have a great Thursday! It's a baseball day for us! Yay!!!

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