Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Day Off For a Field Trip

I played "mom" today, and chaperoned Quinn's field trip. We went to the Math/Science Nucleus. I went with my own class this year as well. It's a really good field trip. The focus of this particular trip was all about fossils. Fremont has a history of fossils, including the Boy Paleontologist.
Quinn was sorting some fossils by type.
Here's his finished product.
The kids also got to do their own "dig." They were thrilled to get to take home a shark tooth of their very own, which they found in this pan.
Upstairs there's a museum of various fossils. Here Quinn is exploring some of them.

Hmmm, this one looks interesting.

It was a nice day. We got back early, so I headed over to San Mateo, to take in the Rings & Things bead show. Now both boys are in bed, and I have a feeling that Mr. Quinn is sick. He's been red faced all evening, and mopey. He did get up at the crack of dawn this morning, so I am hoping he's just tired. He went to bed early. We'll see what happens. I am prepared to stay home with him.

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