Sunday, May 9, 2010

Play Ball!!

I figured you were missing baseball pictures, and I would so hate to deprive you, so feast your eyes on these...
Quinn catching a ball to give to the coach running the pitching machine. He was playing pitcher this inning.
The pitcher is ready! Bring it!
Quinn playing 1st base, looking cute at me. He did strike a disco pose for me, but didn't hold it long enough for me to capture it.
This is the end of Quinn's awesome play at first. See that coach? He's my BFF's husband, and he's calling the runner OUT. Quinn scooped up the ball and tagged the base, getting the runner out. Awesome job Quinn!!

In addition to the out he made at 1st base, he got two good hits. His last hit caused the winning run! He got the game ball, his 3rd one this season. Awesome game Quinn!

Riley spent the day, with the scouts, doing a service learning project. They ran an art booth at some sort of fair. He had a lot of fun, and even came home with some goodies from the day.

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