Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Dog Park

Quinn's baseball game was at 9:00 am this morning! We were up and out early, but that meant that we were finished early and had the rest of the day. I took Maya for a "pawdicure." Her nails were getting so long, they were scratching us. When I got home, we turned around and took her to the dog park.
Doesn't she look happy?
Meeting friends in her new glittery harness. There were no fewer than 8 Pugs at the dog park today, all related. It's weird that none of them are in this picture.
Look at the paw prints on the cement! So cute. It's really a nice dog park, and it was quite busy today.
We took Maya over to the big dog side. She's not a big fan of big dogs, so we kept her leash on. There was a German Shepherd who seemed to really like her. He was quite big, but very friendly. She wasn't sure of him, but she didn't cower either.

This child isn't mine, but in today's game, the other team stopped the game to give their catcher a catcher's glove. It was so big for him (he was about Quinn's size), that he couldn't even hold it up. See how it's dragging the ground? He would lift his hand and it would immediately fall. It was hysterical to us, but probably not for him.

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