Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Welcome Mr. President!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States of America...

Our president is in the Bay Area. He arrived today, at SFO. He then traveled into the city for some fundraising events. He didn't have to sit in the commute traffic either. The police cleared the way for him. I find it fascinating all that goes on when he travels someplace. For instance, how did his cars get here? Did his staff come ahead and drive them here? Did they ship them? How many people does he travel with? Do you think he wears sweats when he's flying on Air Force One? What's he doing now, in his hotel room? Sleeping? Is he watching the local news? I have QUESTIONS! I thought it was cool to see (on the news) Air Force One parked at the airport, with the secret service all around. They really aren't a secret are they? I mean, they are kind of obvious. Anyway, the President will be in Fremont tomorrow, visiting Solyndra-they got stimulus money and are building a new "green" building. I hear our governator will join him. Lucky President...NOT. I hope someone steps on the governator's toe. Teacher hater. Anyway, I digress...it's super exciting having the President here. Too bad the weather won't cooperate. I sure wish he could swing by my school and visit my students-then I could ask him all of my questions.

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