Monday, May 31, 2010

Home Today

What a lazy day we had today. The boys didn't get dressed until we went to dinner. I had errands to run, so I went out, but it was super crowded everywhere I went. I had to stand in a big line at Target which made me feel like I was at Walmart. There were 20 billion people at Joann's, and I had to wait through 10 numbers to get my fabric cut. I bought some knit fabric for a sew-a-long I am going to do this summer. More info on that, later.
Riley's bag is packed for Science Camp tomorrow. He'll be gone until Friday. He's super excited. His little brother, not so much. Quinn hates when Riley's not here, even though he can play whatever he wants on the Wii. In the end, he'd rather have his big brother.
Riley, helping Maya dance. Don't you love her tail? It's in a constant state of motion. Everything makes this dog happy.

Quinn dressed as a "Koopa Wizard." I have to google that. Hang on...Ok, I got the 411. Check this out.

Back to work tomorrow, but there are only 13 days left in the school year-it will be 12 when I wake up tomorrow, because that's the hardest part. Once I am up and dressed, the day is half over already! Have a great one!

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