Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Great Mail Day!

So it's Saturday, and we are getting ready to go to Quinn's baseball game. We were literally going out the door when the mailwoman arrived. Look at what she delivered!!
A package! For me! Can you guess what it is? There were three boxes total.
She's HERE! My new girl is HERE! Look at how CUTE she is!!!!
Arden (aka Hello Harvest) is sporting her "factory" outfit, and greeting her new unnamed sister (aka Punkaholic People). They don't look like they are very sure of each other, but they have been chatting all afternoon. The new girl has earrings! She has two in one ear, and the long, dangly one in the other ear. She also has painted fingernails. Her eyes are aqua, orange, green, and pink eye colors. Arden has purple, light green, orange and yellow eyes. Arden's cheeks are rosier, because new girl is a goth punk rocker chic. Quinn likes her guitar.

Here's Quinn, on the field during his game. He got two hits, but the first one was a really nice hit down the 3rd base line! He also got batted in, so he scored a run for his team. We played the Lugnuts. Lots of those kids were on the same team as Quinn last season (also called Lugnuts), so it's fun to play together. We won this one today, but the Lugnuts have also beaten us, and we tied another game with them. I don't think any of the kids worry about winning or losing. They all just have fun. We play them again tomorrow. Gooooo Hot Rods!

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