Friday, April 2, 2010


We are on a mini vacay! We left home this morning, for Reno, Nevada. This is pretty much the only free weekend we have for awhile, and if we want to play in the snow, then this was the weekend to go. I doubt there will be any snow in May-our next free weekend. It was very snowy driving through the mountains. I'm not used to snow. It was really wet, and it wasn't sticking. The roads didn't seem slippery. We were concerned that chains would be required and that there would be delays. We have 4 wheel drive, so we weren't too worried, except that I haven't driven the car in 4WD. We didn't need to use it anyway. It was fine, and lucky for us, there was hardly any traffic, so I could take it easy. We still made in to Boomtown, just over the CA border, by noon-we left at 9. Not too bad.
Look at that snow!! So pretty. It was too yucky out for us to stop anywhere and play in it though. Perhaps later this weekend, or on our way home.
Look at the snow on the front of my car!
Perhaps the highlight of our day though was Scheels. It's a super big sporting goods store, in Sparks, Nevada. It was pretty amazing. There's an entire ferris wheel inside the store! We rode it-it was only $1 each. We wandered all around the store. Really cool. Lots of virtual games to play-golf, soccer, baseball pitching etc. We got swim goggles for the boys and a tough toy (we'll see) for Maya.
Here's the big ferris wheel.

Riley and I rode the ferris wheel together. It freaked both of us out. The attendant told us not to rock the carts. I told him he had nothing to worry about. I don't believe I enjoy a ferris wheel-at least the open-air kind. I think Riley feels the same. He said he likes his feet on the ground.

If you want to see more pictures (62 more to be exact), GO HERE.


Matthew said...

Thank you for making Scheels a part of your trip to Reno. It looks like everyone had a great time! We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Matt L.

Matthew said...
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