Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh Hey, It's RAINING!

First day back from Spring Break. It was quite pleasant, except for the RAIN. The kids handled it really well, and they got most of their recesses. It poured at the end of the school day though. I was super productive today. I worked. I went to Target to buy snacks for Quinn's Scout meeting. I cooked dinner-shocker-it was honey pecan chicken, and it was so yummy. It was from my Weight Watchers Cook it in Minutes cookbook. We scarfed it up so I didn't get a picture. Next time. I took Quinn to his Scout meeting while Kevin took Riley to his Scout meeting. I created a ballot for PTA tomorrow night. I emailed the baseball parents important info and pleaded AGAIN for some help filling snack shack positions. Homework got done. The dog got a treat (or three), and I enjoyed some serious Facebook time! Gooooo Me!
I am so glad I got these rain boots! I have really gotten a lot of wear out of them. Here are my rain booted feet in the Target parking lot.

Look what Riley got accomplished today! He researched and found all of these pictures off the internet, for his project on Men and Women in Athens, and he printed them out. They are now all glued into place, ready for school tomorrow. I LOVE that he is self motivated, and just knocks out these projects. Gooooo Riley!

By the way, if you've never had Gold Peak Tea, you should go to your grocery store and pick some up! I first had it in Florida, but couldn't find it here in CA. My Lucky store now carries it, in the refrigerated section with the orange juices. I have the diet tea, and it doesn't even taste like diet. It's so yummy. It's like sweet tea, if you've ever had that.

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