Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Stole this from another blog-Thanks Noelle, and wherever you stole it from:

Hair – sunkissed :-) it's what my hairdresser says
Your Mother – Bonnie
Your Father – Bob
Fav Food – Indian
Dream Last Night – hmmm, can't remember.
Fav Drink – Gold Peak Tea-diet
What room are you in? – Family room
Hobby – all sorts of crafts and sewing and reading
Fear – spiders
Where were you last night? – PTA meeting for the boys' school
Something that you aren’t – patient
Muffins – no, yuck. Haven't had them since pregnancy with Riley-they made me throw up
Wish List Item – a new Blythe doll
Where you grew up – Fremont, CA
What you are wearing –PJs
Your Pet – dog and three cats
Friends – awesome
Something you’re not wearing – jewelry
Fav Store – Target
Fav Color – lime green
Last time you laughed – today at the board meeting
Your Best Friend – Kristi
Best Place you go over and over – Disneyland and Target (of course)
Person who you email regularly – myself (pictures) and my baseball team parents
Fav Place to Eat – Mimi's Cafe

I tag YOU!

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