Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trains and Soccer

The boys actually left the house today! I dropped them off with my mom, so I could go have lunch with my school friends. They walked the lake with my mom-well technically Riley rode his bike, and Quinn, his scooter. They had McDonald's for lunch, and hung out at her house. When we returned home, they went about their normal, lazy, vacation activities. Riley had to clean his room, so he did that.
Quinn pulled out the Brio trains and built a track. Maya was very interested.

I registered Quinn for soccer today. Riley didn't want to play. He likes to golf, so I think we will be looking into that come summer time. So this is Quinn's uniform. I think this is the lamest thing ever. The ENTIRE league has the same uniform, same color. Everybody has a blue shirt and a white shirt. The game schedule depicts when you wear the blue one and when you wear the white one-gee I wonder how many times a kid shows up with the wrong one? Oh yeah, and it is also quite possible that you can have 2 (or nine) players wearing the same number on their shirts. When I asked the guy about this, he said, "we don't identify the kids by their numbers." Um, then why have a number? Isn't that the exact USE for a number? Anyway, if you want to come to one of his games this fall, come to the field (where 4-8 games are being played), and look for his team. They are blue.

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