Thursday, April 15, 2010

Play Ball, Again

After 15 days, we are back into baseball! The boys have not had a game or practice in 15 days, with spring break, and a busy work schedule for the coach. They lost tonight, but only by 2 runs. Quinn got a hit-first ball out of the machine, and he made it to first base. His teammates were unable to bat him in though. There was no score until the last two innings, when the other team scored their two runs.

It was a beautiful evening at the field. Here are my feet at the game. Would you believe that my school secretary and I have the same pair of mismatched socks, and that she wore hers today too? True story! We were sock twins.

Tomorrow is not only Friday, but it's also the school talent show for Quinn and his buddies. Tune in tomorrow night for the video and pictures!

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