Thursday, April 29, 2010

Art, Books, Meetings, Birthday Parties, Baseball and a Fall

So today was a super busy day! Work-more state testing, but luckily it was the last part of our Language Arts test. Next week, math, and the kids are super excited to take that part! This group is not freaked out about the state testing at all. It's nice. They are working hard. I have to think of a really good reward for them, when we are finished next week-after we all do our big sigh. After school I had a meeting that went an hour, and then I had to rush and get Quinn to get him to a birthday party, which we were late to. We were there for awhile and then headed over to the baseball field to drop off the four raffle baskets for casino night on Saturday. We didn't get home until 7.
We are working on these Charlie Harper prints at school. I gave each of my students one to color-they are all different. I trimmed them and mounted them on black paper, and put their names and the date. Currently they are working on stories to go with their pictures. I love that they are all different, and I am excited to read their stories. I'll put them up for Open House. Oh and these prints came from a Charlie Harper coloring book that I picked up at Paper-Source.

I read this book to my class yesterday. It's hysterical! It's all about THE TEST. The kids understood the humor in it, although my para and I laughed really hard. There's a part where the principal is freaking out about #2 pencils-hysterical. I'm going to order my own copy. Run to your bookstore or library and check it out. So funny, and sadly, so true!

Oh, on my way to deliver the last of the 4 raffle baskets (I had to make two trips), I tripped over a short fence and fell flat on my chest. I had nothing to break my fall as my hands were full of basket. I knocked the wind out of myself, and now my arm really, really hurts. The worst part though is that I ripped the wrapping on the basket, and now I have to rewrap it tomorrow. Annoying.

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