Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Won!!

I bid on a Blythe doll two days ago, on eBay. I had no expectations of winning the bid, as I generally don't win anything I bid on. Alas, I WON!! I won! I won! Look at what I won!

Punkaholic People! Nobody else bid on her, so not only did I win, but I got the low price ("Wow, that's a low price!" Staples commercial). Happy Mother's Day to me! It made my whole day! I couldn't wait to come home and pay for her, so she can ship! She's coming all the way from Taiwan! Can you tell I am just a LITTLE excited? Just look at her. She's so cute! I'm still yelling about it!

Now, what shall I call her? Perhaps a poll is in order? She's super cool, so she needs a super cool name. Suggestions? I have one name in mind. I am seriously considering sending out baby announcements.

More good news: 57 days until U2, and I think Kevin and I are going to see Blondie and the B-52's this summer. I also want to see Cyndi Lauper, but I have to convince Kevin that he does too. It's almost summmmmmmmer!

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