Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Only Tuesday

I feel like I have hardly been home lately. Busy weekend, and a busy week so far: snack shack duty last night, staff meeting and teacher appreciation meeting and scouts tonight. Not too much on the agenda for tomorrow, but it is Kevin's birthday.
These are my bowls in my cabinet. Aren't they cheery?
Quinn was a bee in his little scout skit. His den presented a little skit about the growth of a flower. Cute.

Maya's sweet face. Let's see what she's been up to...

Oh, looks like she killed (really killed) her duck. It's been flat for awhile now, as she had previously removed the stuffing and squeaker. Ha. Funny I referred to it as "removing." It's not like she's carefully picking out the stuffing. She GOES to TOWN of stuffed toys, ripping the stuffing out of the toys. Today she got the head off, and she somehow turned the body inside out. She's talented.

Keep voting in my girl's naming poll.

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