Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last Day of Spring Break

I have to say that I am mighty sick of the rain! It poured today. It rained when we took the boys to their swim lessons (what a crazy place THAT place is). It rained on our way back from the lessons. It rained on our way to talent show practice, and back. It POURED rain when we tried to go to the Bricks By The Bay Lego event today-we didn't end up going in as there was a huge line to park and a huge line just to get in. My friend said they closed it early because there were so many people. It POURED when we went to Best Buy, and when we came out. It rained while we drove to my in-laws house for dinner, and on the way home. Rain rain go away. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. I so look forward to 20 kids just back from a week long break, and stuck inside for a rainy day. Is it summer yet?
We had pizza for dinner, from Frankie, Johnnie and Luigi, and strawberry shortcake with whipped cream for dessert. That's my MIL there with the boys. Do you like how they all match? Stanford red!
My MIL is filling Quinn's mouth with whipped cream. Riley had the option too, but he declined.

Whipped cream coming out of his mouth!

These pictures are courtesy of Kevin's iPhone.

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Anonymous said...

That set of pictures just made me laugh.. you are just so casual about it.. "that's my MIL putting whipped cream in Quinn's mouth" :) Too funny...