Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Good Mail Day!

So a friend of mine from work, has a husband who is a personal trainer. He agreed to "train" several of us from school. We went today for the first time, to do cardio. OMG. I thought I would die. Moving push ups are not my friend. My legs are sore, but in a good way. It was really a good workout, and the exercises we did, I can do at home too! I wonder how sore I will be tomorrow? Oh well, no pain, no gain, right?
I splurged and bought Maya a new toy, a Kong Wubba. I gave it to her at 4:14 this afternoon.
Destroyed at 4:55 pm. It brings her such joy to destroy her toys.

And finally, in the mail today...

My new best friend! Kevin got me a new computer. My old one was running out of hard drive space, and Riley needs a newer computer. He gets my old best friend. I like this one. It has a pretty keyboard-it glows purple under the black keys. Pretty. The best part though? It smells new!

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