Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Small Family

Riley left for Science Camp this morning. He was pretty excited. I guess they went on chartered buses. Last year's class went by school bus, which caught on fire the minute it pulled into the camp. Nobody was hurt. I guess they weren't taking any chances of the rickety old school bus overheating on the drive up the mountain. Hopefully Riley's getting some sleep right now.
Oh look! A new Star Wars toy. As if a certain someone doesn't have enough. Quinn has been wanting this forever. Every time we go to Target, he hides it. Today he asked if he could buy it, if it was still there. It was (and completely in sight too). I went in halves with him. He's pleased as punch with it.
Here's my new toy! I got myself a copy of Alice in Wonderland! Yay! The girls are keeping it company until I get a chance to watch it. I couldn't watch tonight because I was watching Chef Ramsey call people donkeys on Hell's Kitchen.

This one is blurry-sorry. I made a necklace for Piper. It has a little bird charm on the end of it. I'm going to make one for Arden as well. I'm searching for the right charm.

Tomorrow is Wednesday already! 12 days left in the school year. I can honestly say that I am ready. The kids are done (and it's driving me nuts), and I am exhausted. We are down to our second to last story in Reading: The Empty Pot by Demi (it's a great story). We are finished with the Math book, so now we are just reviewing. We are winding down. I started the dismantling of my classroom today. I got everything off of the walls, and sent it home. Now I am working on cleaning out my cabinets.

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