Friday, June 25, 2010


I was up at 6 AM this morning, and out of the house at 7:08 AM, on my way to the Honda dealership in Palo Alto. There was ZERO traffic this morning, so I got there before 7:40 AM. It was quite the trip today. It started with my latch, and did I want an oil change? I need an oil change, because we leave next week for our big summer roadtrip, so I said, "sure." The first bill came to $163.00 to fix my latch and for the oil change. I'm thinking that's pretty cheap for the dealership, and I sat myself at one of their computer tables, prepared to wait for the car for 1-2 hours. I enjoyed the smell of coffee and Sirius XM radio overhead. Pretty soon, here comes my guy. My car's due for its 60,000 mile check. Ok, do that. Cha-ching. He goes away. I begin to play Bejeweled. He's back. Battery is leaking and has leaked all over (and eroded) some significant pipe. Ok replace that. Cha ching. He goes away. I play some more Bejeweled, and harvested my Farmville crop, and cooked some food in Cafe World. Here he comes again. (I am starting to dread him now). It's going to take longer so HE will buy me a rental car. I agree. I get my rental car (with the normal insurance? Gas card? etc.), and all I can think about is the Seinfeld episode when they didn't HOLD Jerry's rental car. "You know how to take the reservation, but you don't know how to HOLD the car." Hysterical. Anyway, I took the car and went home. While home, the phone rings. The brakes are shot-front and back, and I need some fluid something-or-other for the 4 WD. Cha-ching. I go about my business. The phone rings again (OH crap, I am thinking), but it was my MIL. Whew. I go back to my business, afraid of the phone ringing, feeling pretty sure my guy wouldn't show up at the house. Long story short, (too late), I left a bunch of my money at the Honda dealership in Palo Alto, but everything, I mean EVERYTHING, is fixed. Big Red is ready to roll next week.
Here's my rental car, a gun metal gray 2009 Honda Accord. It was ok. We have an Accord, an olderish one. The car has power, but I felt like I was dragging along the ground. It's just too low to the ground for me, and I thought the tire rims were very ugly.
Ta da! The dealership also washed my car! My latch is fixed and I don't hear that annoying rattling anymore. Instead I got the joy of listening to the boys argue with each other ALL day.
We went toTarget after dinner. I LOVE this key. I didn't get to bring it home though. I made Kevin pose for this picture which I posted on Facebook. I wrote: "Who holds the key to my heart?" Hee hee hee. Sorry. I couldn't resist.

We also made a trip to Barnes & Noble, and I did get to bring this jewelry book home. I love those dottie rings up on top. I have to make some of those. There are lots of great pieces in this book.

Also on the agenda today, a physical for Riley, for Scout camp. Guess who he gets to visit? He gets to see the eye doctor-perhaps he'll join his brother, father and mother, in wearing glasses. It seems his vision is about 20/50. Hmmm. Who knew? He never said anything about not being able to see clearly. I think it's probably just distance. We shall see-HA! No pun intended! I crack myself up.

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