Friday, June 18, 2010

First Day Of Summer 2010

First day of summer vacation! It was pretty low key. I woke up early, to the dog barking outside. I let her in, and she crawled in bed with me. We were able to sleep until 10:21 am. The boys were up early, playing in Quinn's room. When I got up, I cleaned up some stuff from yesterday, helped Quinn clean his room, and cleaned out drawers in both boys' rooms. We made a trip to Target, and stopped by my mom's house. Now we are all hanging out watching Toy Story and Toy Story 2 as a family.
I also sorted Quinn's books. I am transitioning him out of picture books, and into chapter books. I have two shelves to sort still. I have big piles of books to take to school in the fall.
I took the rug out of Quinn's room. The dog has peed on it too many times, and Quinn doesn't like it anyway-apparently it's scratchy. I have a little table to build for him for the center of his room.
My mom got me these cupcake books. There are the cutest cupcakes inside these books. Stay tuned as I plan on trying some out this summer! Super cute cupcakes though: corn on the cob, penguins, apples, spaghetti and meatballs, cupcakes with butterflies, cupcakes that look like a footlong sandwich. Really cute cupcakes. Thanks mom!
This is my classroom as I left it yesterday. It's all packed up for summer. Everything unplugged, covered, and chairs stacked. It echoes.
I got this from one of my students yesterday. Isn't it cute? The boys have "helped" me eat some of the candy. Aren't they helpful?

Tomorrow is Saturday. The boys each have a birthday party to go to, and they are both at the same location. Laser Quest. Then we have a Father's Day BBQ at my parent's house.


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That was super cute!! I wish I had seen it before Ava's school ended..I would have made that for her teacher :) Glad you are having a good summer so far...are you coming this way?????