Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The End Is Very Near

BTW, I should be at the U2 show right now. It's postponed due to Bono's back surgery. He injured himself rehearsing for the tour, and had to have surgery. He's recovering now. Although I am deeply disappointed, it's ok. They did not cancel the show, it's just postponed. I will just have that to look forward to this next school year. As soon as the dates are released for 2011, I will begin my countdown. It's good to have something to look forward to, right?

Tomorrow is it! The last day of school! I didn't think it would ever come. I loved my little class this year. What I didn't love was the one family who treated me like the hired help. Completely unappreciative. They harassed me for most of the school year, even calling me names. Whatever. I have thick skin. It's easier to blame the teacher when you can't fix it yourself. The kid was ok. I liked him, and I worked very hard for him-as did his aide. We did whatever the parents asked of us, but whatever we did, it wasn't enough. It's ok though, because my other 19 families more than made up for it. Awesome parents. Super supportive. Helpful. When I asked for help, someone always volunteered. They were also very supportive. All teachers want to feel appreciated. It really goes a long way.

Anyway, I was very appreciative of the aide's help this school year. She worked really hard. I like her a lot. I made her this bracelet today. I will give it to her tomorrow. I have a necklace for her as well, but I didn't make that. She doesn't get to come back in the fall, and that's really too bad. Some other school will snatch her up, and they will be very lucky.

Have a great day tomorrow, I know I will!! Tomorrow is Riley's 6th grade promotion day!!

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noelle said...

Can I come be your aide??? I want that bracelet?? :)