Thursday, June 24, 2010

We Left The House!

Quinn and I met some friends at the Great Mall so that the boys could bounce. There's a place there, called Bounce-a-Rama, that's full of bounce house type things, video games, ticket games, and a small cafe. My friend Michelle, her daughter, Rhianna, and I chatted while Zack and Quinn bounced to their hearts' content. They also spied on the girl monitoring the bouncy things. A good time was had by all.
We had lunch in the food court when we finished. This is just silly.
This is silly too. Oh look, McDonald's is giving away "Avatar" toys-oh wait, they couldn't call their movie "Avatar," because of a certain other "little" movie. They had to call theirs "The Last Air Bender." I bet they are really sorry they waited so long to make their movie.
Maya got a new toy. A fat rope toy, with two tennis balls on the ends. I gave it to her at 5:17 pm.

5:31 pm. Dead toy. I really thought this one would last at least two days. She's got two new toys for her vacation next week, at grandma and grandpa's house. One of them is a Martha Stewart toy-a fleece ball. Did you know Martha now has a pet line at PetSmart? Check it out. There are some really cute things, but Maya can eat through the terribly cute, hand crocheted fruit toys. It's such a bummer too, because the apple and the watermelon are ADORABLE.

Tomorrow is Friday! I have to get up super early to take my car in to the Honda dealership. The latch doo-hicky thingy-majig on the hatchback is loose, and it rattles when I drive, and since I am NOT an enjoyer of any noises, I have to have that fixed. I have to leave the house at 7 in the AM!! It's summer! I'm so not excited about it. I will also get to SIT at the dealership while they fix it-oh joy, oh bliss. At least they have free Wi-Fi.

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