Monday, June 14, 2010

Frozen Yogurt

Today is the last Monday that I have to teach, for the entire summer! Yeehaw! We are doing a bunch of nothing at school, but cleaning things up. I have been prepping for our Father's Day presents, which we are doing on Wednesday. There are things to sort, and put away-if I can find a place! There are things to get rid of and things to clean. At least my report cards are done-those were finished last Friday. I had to add the attendance to them today, and then I filed them in the students' cums, in the office. I am finishing up my "Summer Brain" packet, and drafting a letter to the parents. It's busy busy, but it's getting done. We get out early, so I was able to work today, after school, before getting Quinn.
When I picked Quinn up, we went in search of dad type thank you presents for the two dads in my class that have helped me a lot this school year. Target! After our Target trip, we got frozen yogurt. Quinn has his eyes closed in this picture on purpose-he had a vision (???)

For this one, I had him open his eyes. Not sure what's up with the tongue though. Our favorite frozen yogurt place is Yogurtouille. You pick your flavor(s), then your toppings, and then you pay by weight. Quinn had chocolate and peanut butter. I had peanut butter, original tart, and black cherry. Yum. Oh, and Riley was with the Boy Scouts. The den leader picked him, and some other boys, up from school today, and they headed to Livermore for a flag retirement with some Veterans. He didn't get home until 6:30 tonight, but he thought the ceremony was very cool. They burned a flag-that's how it's retired.

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