Thursday, June 17, 2010

Riley's 6th Grade Promotion

Finally, the day has arrived! The last day of school, and Riley's 6th grade promotion. What a great day!
Here's Riley this morning, before he left for school. Fancy huh? He has pin-striped pants on! He looked so handsome.
That's Riley's teacher in the orange dress. The principal is speaking, and the other two 6th grade teachers are on the other side. The theme was "A Night at the Oscars," complete with a red carpet.
Riley was sitting right in front of us, thanks to my mom and dad who got there butt early and snagged us AWESOME seats! Look at my boy! Where did the time go?
Afterwards, paparazzi time! He should be used to the amount of pictures we take. I had 2 cameras with me and my phone, and Kevin had 1 camera and his phone. Plus my in-laws had a camera. This is a nice picture though-the nicest of about 6 just like it.

Kevin and I and our 7th grader! Quinn wanted to stay in his class today, with his teacher, so he didn't attend the promotion. Just another 4 school years until we do it again, for Quinn!

I enjoyed the last day with my sweet class. The kids rotated through all of the 2nd grade classes, for Activity Day. They had lots of fun, but were glad to see me when I returned from the promotion. I told the kids that they had to either high five/fist bump me at the end of the day, or hug me. In the end, I pulled all of them into a hug-even my resistant boys. ;-) I thought I would cry when one of my girls would not let go. I love that girl, and she really blossomed this year. I had so many great kids and great families. It's always hard to say goodbye. I look forward to their future successes.

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