Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Great Night for a Family Walk

Wow! What a beautiful day! A cloudless, super blue sky all day. Nice and warm too! I spent most of the day at training for PTA-for next school year. It was pretty good training. When I got home, it was downright hot outside. I then ran a few errands and came home. It was a pizza for dinner night, and then we took the dog for a walk. There's a community near us, in another city, called The Lakes, and they have-you guessed it-a lake! We took the dog over and went on a family walk. It was really nice. I'm thinking I will walk the dog over there a lot this summer. It's shady, and a nice walk.
There are houses all around the lake, including some on an island in the middle of the lake. It's really pretty.
Can you see that white duck's head? What's up with that?
We made Riley do all of the exercises along the way. They had some pretty vintage signs to go with the "equipment."
Quinn got into the exercise action too.

Maya loved the ducks and the geese. Some of the geese tried to get Maya. They hissed and several walked toward her, beaks open, ready to attack. Beastly things.

Tomorrow is Sunday. No plans. We'll see what the day brings. Perhaps I can fit in a mani!

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