Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cookies and Clucky

I am loving the summer schedule! I love the ease of it. I sleep. We hang out. It's nice. No plans.
I baked cookies today. These are Funfetti cookies, from the Funfetti cake mix. They are super yummy and really easy to make. Egg, butter, cake mix.

When Kevin got home, we let Quinn pick what he wanted for dinner. He chose Red Robin, and he was kind enough to pose for a picture with Clucky, the Red Robin mascot.

I also did some sewing today, and some reading today, and some facebooking today. The poor dog doesn't get any rest though. I am hoping she'll learn that she doesn't have to follow me all around the house, and that she can sleep on her own if she wants. Maybe she's just confused about why I am always around now. It's SUMMER!

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6 Girls' Mom said...

Brittany made some of those Funfetti cookies about 2 weeks ago. We've been making lots of things with cake mix lately, and none of them traditional cake. I love versatility!