Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Last School Year Weekend!

What a crazy busy, but very fun weekend! Baseball trophy party, closing ceremonies, bridging, camping, swimming, my mom's birthday, The Karate Kid, and dinner. Whew! The weather was great too-hot. I am not complaining, mostly because I am so sick of being cold.

The boys and Kevin got home early this morning, from camping overnight with the scouts. A lot of the scouts had planned to camp overnight after the bridging on Saturday. I was just not that interested in sleeping on the hard ground, so I slept at home last night, while Kevin and the boys slept in a tiny tent, on the hard ground. I didn't mention it yesterday, because I was worried someone would come over (after reading my blog) and kill me in my sleep. I kid you not. I do not enjoy sleeping in the house by myself. I was up until almost 2 in the morning, because I was nervous to go to sleep. I'm such a wimp.


We went to see the Karate Kid today. This picture of Quinn has nothing to do with the Karate Kid. It's some other movie, but it was what I used to get this picture of Quinn, with the headband and wristband. That boy has his own mind about things. If I had said I wanted to take a picture of him with the headband and wristband, he may not have gone for it, so I used this giant bird as my distraction. He's his own person. He wore that headband, and the wristband the entire day.

The Karate Kid is a great movie, and (gasp) I liked it better than the original. I did. Jaden Smith is so cute, and he's such a good actor. If you get a chance, go see it.

Happy Birthday to my mom today! We stopped by for a visit and to give her a present.

Happy Monday tomorrow-it's my last one to teach!

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