Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Riley had his Walk Through History today, at school. Kevin went to watch. He said it was very interesting, and that Riley did a good job. The class was divided into 3 or 4 teams. Riley's team was in charge of Greek history, and I believe there was also an Egypt team. Not sure the other two. The kids all had their parts, and their lines.
Here's Riley, ready for the performance!

Being Zeus-doesn't that sound like the name of a movie? Hmmm...In the end, Riley didn't say, "Release the Kraken!" Darn. It would have been funny. Kevin took some video, but I don't think I'm allowed to post it. There are other kids in it, and the program is copyrighted. It looked like the kids had a great time.

Also today: I struggled with students who refuse to utilize their chairs-seems like I need some pretty powerful double-sided tape. I repeated myself. I repeated myself. I got to hold a teeny tiny chihuahua puppy. I played with a kitten. I tried to take pictures of the kitten. I went to the party supply store. I picked up the trophies for Friday's baseball festivities. I waited while they fixed a misspelled name. I went to my union meeting. I learned nothing at the union meeting-no wait, I take that back, I learned that I will learn more at tomorrow's general meeting. I watched almost all of the judges cry their eyes out on So You Think You Can Dance. I watched Nurse Jackie and felt glad that I am not addicted to pain killers.

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