Friday, June 4, 2010

Funky Picture Apps

I have been playing with one of my iPhone apps. It's called PhotoFunia. It enables you to use a picture and put it in many different settings. It's kinda cool.
This is the original picture I took. It's actually the colorcross version from another app, but I used the original to this one, as the base for the PhotoFunia pictures.
This is called Three Colors.
The Eye. Creepy? See the girls in the eyeball? It's not my eyeball.
Andy Warhol style.

And a caricature. I really like this one. Those aren't my hands either.

Riley is back from Science Camp. He had a good time, but was very tired. It seems he kissed a banana slug-many of the students did. The beds were really hard, but he got to swim every day. He went on a really long hike, and he liked the food. He came back with everything he left with, and everything is dirty. He did shower though-that's a definite plus considering his track record at Scout camp.

Quinn had baseball tonight. It was a tie game. It was a good game, except for the really bad calls made by the other team's coaches. I am not very fond of the team we played tonight (and we play again tomorrow). I think they don't play fairly. Only two more games in the season. It's amazing how quickly the season goes by. Next up: soccer.

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