Saturday, June 12, 2010

It was beautiful today. Hot, but beautiful. It was also windy beyond belief. Quinn and I went to closing day ceremonies for baseball. It started late (in the hot hot sun) because the junior game wasn't finished. They started playing at 8:30 am! The game was over 4 hours! As soon as a team won, the ceremonies began. I stood in the shade the entire time, but poor Quinn sat on the field, in the sun.
Lots and lots of people at closing ceremonies. Look at how brown the hills are now. Remember how green they were earlier in the season?
Some of the boys, watching the festivities. When Quinn and I left at around 2, he was all red faced and hot. We went home for a little over an hour-enjoying our AC. A little after 3, we headed to Coyote Hills for the Cub Scout bridging.
Here are all of the boys in our den, getting their awards. There are a ton of them! See how little Quinn is? All of these boys are right around 8 years old. We go back to Stanford in July about his size. He's had tons of tests done (twice) and everything comes back normal. He's just small.
Look at Riley! He went with Kevin, early, to the bridging. He had a good time too, whittling with his pocket knife and playing with squirt guns. He's pretty tan these days (already). I really like this picture of him. You can see how windy it was by his hair.

What a crazy boy! Quinn with his awards and his stick. He's now ranked as a Bear in Cub Scouts. He got a new scarf (it's blue) and slide. He's still wearing the old one here, because this was before he bridged.

Hope you had a great Saturday as well.

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Teri said...

A FOUR HOUR little league game?!? Whew. Your little Bear Cub is a cutie. My son finally decided to leave scouts at age 14. Mixed feelings, but I get it.

Thanks for sharing.