Monday, June 21, 2010

First Official Day of Summer

It's the first official day of summer! I slept in just a little, and then Quinn and I headed out for the day. I took him to The Jungle, which is a play place for kids. They have a giant climby/tubey thing with ball pits, and they have video games and ticket games, and a bounce house. He had a lot of fun, playing with stranger kids. I think it's so interesting to watch kids play with each other. They just strike up a conversation and away they go, like they have been friends forever. I quite enjoyed watching these two toddler girls play in the ball pit near where I was sitting. They would mimic each other. They would sit super still, watching each other, and then throw the balls at each other's head. They were super cute.
Here's Quinn, aka, Mr. Strong. Do you like his tragic egg shirt? We have a strange sense of humor.
There's a really strange mall across the street from The Jungle. We went over there, because they do have a Target! We loaded up on Hot Tamales and Hyper Charged Sky Balls. There were kiddie rides throughout the mall, and Quinn sat in just about all of them. We stopped off and had frozen yogurt for lunch, before going home.
When we got home, Quinn pulled out his Playmobil and set up a zoo. We have TONS of these toys. I love them. They are so imaginative.
He put real water in with the dolphin. I love the fish, ready to be feasted on by the dolphin.

A boy and his dog, it's a good thing.

Riley is having a great time at Disneyland. He is talking my parents' ears off with his vast knowledge of the parks and Disney trivia. They have tickets to see the new World of Color show at DCA tonight, at 10:15. We are anxiously awaiting their review of it.

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