Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It Ends Tonight

Quinn's last baseball game was tonight, and boy was it exciting. We were getting beaten pretty badly the first two innings. We were behind 8-0, and all of us parents started to think that there was no way back from that. The kids were break dancing in the outfield, jumping around, picking grass. Their heads were not in the game, but then...we got some runners on base, and scored a run, then 4 more! 5 runs! All of a sudden, the boys perked up. We held them at 8 runs, while we scored 3 more. We were home team, so we got to bat last. The score was tied, 8-8! Two outs! Quinn comes up to bat...
Here's Quinn at his last at bat for this season. The score is 8-8. 2 outs, and Quinn has already had 2 strikes. The pitch comes in, he swings, and he hits! He runs like the wind, and is safe at first. Our runner at 3rd goes home. We score! We win! Awesome, awesome game! RBI, RBI!
Quinn got one of the two game balls-his 4th this season! He was pleased as punch. So were his parents! Yeah, and he says he doesn't want to play next season! Ha. We'll see. I think he'll change his mind.

Hey Superman with the bat in his hand, Knock it out, Knock it out! We say goodbye to another season of baseball. All that's left is the pizza party on Friday, and closing ceremonies on Saturday. It's been a great season.

Have a great Wednesday-wow, Wednesday already tomorrow!

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