Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I was home early today, from work. We get out early every Wednesday, and when I was finished passing out union mail, and after I recorded (well mostly) writing scores, and after I found my desk, I went and picked Quinn up from school. I like to pick the boys up from school when I can. I was early, so I chatted with some other moms, and collected my kid. We went straight to the office so that Quinn could buy Riley's yo-yo for him. There was some sort of anti bullying assembly last week in which yo-yo's must have been featured in some way. They are for sale in the office. Quinn got his last Friday, but because of chess, Riley didn't (lots of drama). Quinn got it for Riley today, then of course had to test it out for him. He was pleased with himself, at having been needed by his big brother for something-Riley was unable to buy his own yo-yo due to being at Science Camp. Quinn was the man for the task. Anyway, long story short (too late), we were home on the early side. I spent some quality time in my craft room.
I made a pair of earrings, and 4 bracelets. One of the bracelets is made from the memory wire, and it coils. I'm not sure how much I like it. I think it needs to be a little longer. Two bracelets are just made using the stretchy string-love that stuff. The last one is made from chain, with two filigree pieces, with glued on coral flowers, and a vintage brooch-it's the one in the front.

I also spent some time with my girls.

Don't they look mysterious today? I am researching a sister for them (I am obsessed), and patterns to make them their own clothes. That's one of my summer projects.

I wonder if my other kid is having a good time at Science Camp? I hate not knowing what he's doing.

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