Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baseball and Birthdays

Ahhhh, Saturday. We were up early. Quinn had a baseball game at 11:00, but had to be at the field by 10:00. It was another beautiful day. We went from baseball home to prepare for Riley's birthday party.
Beautiful green hills. It really is a pretty backdrop for a baseball game.
Quinn played catcher again. He really loves it. He looks so professional. He got another hit today. He got out at first, but was responsible for an RBI. His team won the game too, 5-4. This team had not been beaten until today. At one point, we were ahead 5-0, and had to change innings because in this division, they have a 5 run rule. Not too shabby. These boys are really playing well. They are hitting off the machine, and fielding well. It's all because the coach is awesome. He's such a nice guy, and so patient with the boys.
Maya came to the game today. She loved smelling everything and everyone. At one point she was whining at this man, because she wanted him to pet her. She's so spoiled.

Riley had a few friends over tonight, for his birthday party. We had IN-N-OUT for dinner, and we went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was pretty funny. I enjoyed it, and the boys did too. We came back to the house and had cake, and the boys played Wii. Two of them were picked up, and one is staying the night. It's really funny to watch Quinn try to hang out with the big guys. He loves it.

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