Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ardenwood Farms and Cute Plates

It was a Scouting day. Riley left bright and early for an all day scouting training. They had to be at the Scout House by 7 AM, and then they were catching BART into the city. They trained all day on how to camp in the snow. He'll be snow camping in March, with the scouts. Quinn also had a Scout outing today. Kevin and I took him to meet up with his troop at Ardenwood Farm. They have a special holiday event this weekend. There were ornaments/crafts the kids could make, people selling handmade items, and a yulelog search. That was way hysterical. The place was packed, and the docent rang a loud bell, giving the tons of kids one clue. They went off running. He would ring the bell again, and the kids would come running back. He would give them one clue at a time. He had these kids running all over the farm, looking for this log. It was so funny to watch. Somebody finally found it after the 6th clue. Quinn had great fun running with the "pack." So funny. It was a very nice, crisp morning.
Here's Quinn and his stick (that thing came home with us).
This house, the Patterson House, is on the farm grounds. Usually it is a separate fee to go inside, but it was free today. I walked around inside. It's beautiful.
This is my favorite outside part. Love the leaded and stained glass, the shape of this part, and the mosaic work at the very top.
This is my favorite inside part. Look at the ceiling! I love the lamp as well. So pretty.

When we were finished at the farm, we went to lunch, the grocery store, and then came home. I dropped Quinn and Kevin off at home, and took off for some errands. I found these plates. I had really wanted them. I saw them at Cost Plus several weeks back, loved them, but didn't buy them. I wanted to think about them. Then I decided I did want them, but of course, my Cost Plus was sold out. I couldn't even find them online. I went to the Cost Plus in Pleasanton when I was out today. Nope. Found them in San Jose, after looking in Mountain View-the girl there called some stores for me. San Jose held them for me. I love them.

Word of the Day: Tiger. I'm kinda feeling sorry for Tiger. He's having a really hard fall. Perhaps this will change his cheating mind. I don't condone his cheating on his wife, but once the media gets hold of a story, they will not let it go. I suppose he has to swallow his pill. Check this video out. It's hysterical.

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