Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blanket Fun

We've had a couple of rather lazy days here. Yesterday we did a whole lot of nothing. When Kevin got home, we all went to Valley Fair-with everybody else and their extended families. When we finished, we tried to drive across the main street to visit Santana Row, but we couldn't even get near a parking space, so we came home. Today the boys and I were home all day, but we did manage half of a crafty project, and I got about half of my craft space clean. Maya ate another two of her toys. Good times in the Crossman household.
We started out to make two no-sew blankets. I took the boys to Jo-Ann's yesterday, to pick out their fleece. This one is Quinn's. I placed the printed piece onto a solid piece, and trimmed it all up into a square. I cut 5x5 inch squares from the corners.
I then started cutting strips, along all four sides. I tied a few every now and then, to keep the blanket together. I got it together, and left it for Quinn to tie the remaining strips. He didn't tie any of them. I sat and tied them as I checked my email. It didn't take that long.
See all of the ties? The print is tiki heads.

Quinn with his finished blanket. He loves it. It followed him all over the house today.

Word of the Day: Half. The reason you don't see Riley's blanket (his half of the crafty project), is because as soon as I put the bottom, solid piece on the floor, to align it with the top piece, a certain little dog came right over and peed on it. I then spent a few hours trying to wash the damn fleece. After it washed the first time, it was soaking wet-like wringing wet kind of wet. I ran it through just the rinse cycle again. Same thing. The third time I added a bunch of stuff to the load, and then it was fine. I guess there wasn't enough in the load to get it to rinse properly. It's now washed and dried, and put up high, so we can make his tomorrow. He's going to tie his though. I think I'll make one for Maya.

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Rachel Ann said...

Oh man, I hate making those things. I am way too impatient.