Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mail Surprises and Maya

We spent our day house training and playing with Maya. This morning, we took her for a walk to Starbucks (the drinks were for us, the walk for her). Quinn and I went to a birthday party for a few hours. While we were gone, Kevin and Riley gave Maya a bath. She smells better. This dog sure loves to be near someone. She didn't sleep in her crate last night. She was freaking out, whining, barking and thrashing about. She's going to have to sleep there tonight.
I forgot to post this stuff yesterday. These are the things that my friend Valerie made and sent to me. Aren't they cute? Look at the collars she made for Maya! I love everything!
This is the bracelet that I made for Quinn's teacher for Xmas.
This is the necklace I made for Riley's teacher.

Here are the boys and Maya, outside Starbucks this morning.

Word of the Day: Potty. I have spent so much time outside today, trying to get one little dog to pee or poop. She pooped twice for me, and peed once. I think she had a peeing accident in the house while I was gone. This dog can hold her pee for a really really long time. Must stick with it.

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cookiedog said...

I LOVE the bracelet Julie. I have worn it for 3 days straight. Ok, I did take it off at night but I made sure it was safe on my night stand. Thank you so much!