Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Project and Dog Stuff

Riley finished this month's school project. He had to read a book, write a summary of the book, and complete a visual project. He read Call of the Wild by Jack London. He chose to do a diorama. Remember those? I did one once on Thomas Jefferson, and I used one of my Honey Hill Bunch dolls as Thomas Jefferson.
The book is about sled dogs. Riley made the sled out of Legos. He painted wooden trees to glue along the back-he even added some of my fake snow stuff to the trees. The ground is cotton balls. Can you see that he added a snowman toward the back?
A closer look. The front dog actually has a toy in its mouth. By adding the string, it acts like the bit for a sled. He's going to turn it in tomorrow (it's not due until Friday), so that he can get some extra credit. What is up with extra credit? Riley will do just about anything for extra credit.

We are prepared. The guy who does the home visit, visited us (well me, as the boys were all at the pack meeting) tonight. He asked a few questions: Do we know what we are getting ourselves into? Do we know that the cats will be mad? etc. He was here about 7 minutes. On his way out he said he would tell the rescue lady that he was here. Next step is that she lets me know when we can go pick the dog up. We are hoping for this weekend.

Word of the Day: Improving. Quinn's cough has been improving everyday. He actually slept fairly well, but I was up with him at 5, giving him a breathing treatment with his nebulizer-he was coughing pretty consistently. He went right back to sleep and didn't get up until 10! He so needed the sleep. He was happy that the tooth fairy left him $5 for his tooth. We hung around the house all day, but did go out on a quick errand around noon. He was well enough to go to the scout "snowball" fight tonight. Back to school we both go tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

So excited for your new addition :) And yes..your cats will probably be pissed... altho.. we have three cats..two of them could care less about our new additions..the other one screams for a week!! :)