Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

What a day! I swear what I am about to tell you, is a true story. I am living a Christmas comedy. It started when Quinn came in to inform us that it was Christmas at 7:40 this morning. He also said that Riley said he wasn't getting up, he was going back to sleep. Remember last night? The power went out about 11 pm, and Santa had to build stuff in the dark. Riley was still awake, because a certain little dog was keeping him from sleeping. When the power went out, then of course, he really couldn't go to sleep, so he was still awake at midnight, when we went to bed. Anyway, back to this morning. We finally drag Riley out of bed, take the dog out to potty, and head to the living room so that Christmas can start.
Santa left full stockings!
Santa also left the pyramid he-um, SHE, built in the dark, as well as Riley's digital camera.
The boys enjoyed looking in their stockings.
We took pictures in front of the tree, before ripping into the presents. The boys had opened about two presents when our smoke detector went off. At first she (it's a female voice) was saying, "Fire. Fire. Fire," but then she started making reference to carbon monoxide. I had heard the heater make a really strange noise earlier, and then I smelled something funny, but I thought it was only me, as nobody else could smell it. Then the smoke detector went off.

So we called 911, and the paramedics came-thankfully, without sirens blaring. Meanwhile, there we all stood, two cats, two kids, a dog, and Kevin and I, in our pajamas, in our front yard. The firemen went through the house, checking for any signs of carbon monoxide. Nothing. Then they smelled the smell I smelled-electrical. They took a fuse out of our furnace, and told us to have that checked out. We got someone to come out. He was going to just have to replace the main board, but then the motor wouldn't work at all, furnace for us. Hey, it's better than the alternative of a house fire.

Word for the Day: Cold. Now that the turkey is out of the oven, and our families have gone home, the house is getting cold. We have no heat, and no idea when the heater repairman can come back with the new one. We are hoping for tomorrow.

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