Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After

We had a fairly sleepy house this morning. I was up first, with the dog, about 8:30 am. Everyone else followed, with Riley up last at quarter to 11! He's beginning to keep teen hours. It was COLD in the house. We waited in anticipation to hear if our new heater would be put in today. They called, Monday. So we fired up the space heaters and put on the extra layers. Monday seems forever away.
We ventured out of the house about mid-day, blasting the heater in the car. We went to Barnes and Noble to spend gift certificates, Petco to get Maya a sweater and to pet the dogs and cats from the rescue group there, and finally to Target to see what they had, and use more gift cards. We also made a quick stop at Borders. The only thing I got was the four boxes above, at Target (of course). Aren't they cute? I don't need anymore Christmas items. The boys used their Target gift cards on Pokemon cards. I seriously think lots of money is being wasted on those things, but they seem to bring the boys joy.
There are Legos on my kitchen table, toys in the living room, bows all over the place. It's too cold to deal with any of this now. I spent 4 hours sleeping on the couch this evening. I think Christmas and being a puppy mommy has caught up with me.
Maya was shivering this morning, so I wrapped her in a blanket and she went to sleep.

Here's the sweater we got Maya today. Cute huh? I'm not a fan of dogs wearing clothes, but I have to admit this is pretty darn cute, and she hasn't shivered since.

Word of the Day: Over. I'm glad Christmas is over. I can't wait to put my Christmas stuff away. The boys had a great time and got lots of great things, which they are thrilled with. I am having fun with my new DS game-Jewelry Design. I get to create jewelry for the customers in my store. It occupied my time for quite awhile earlier today. Thanks Chip and Donna (my inlaws) for it! I have to try out my Imagine Teacher game next. Anyway, Christmas was very nice, but I am anxious to get my house back in regular order. Ready for a new year.

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cookiedog said...

Wishing your family warmth and peace in the new year!