Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Home Day

Quinn stayed home from school today, because he had a fever yesterday. I stayed with him. He was fine all day, until the late afternoon, when his fever came back. It was 104.3! Freaked me out. I called the advice nurse. He said that was normal for this strain of flu, as well as headache, body aches and coughing. Quinn has had all of those symptoms, and he's coughing really hard. Poor guy. I gave him Tylenol for the fever, and once it kicked in, he was better. He ate chicken for dinner, and even played the Wii. He's sleeping now. He'll stay home tomorrow too, and hopefully he can go back to school on Friday. He's anxious to get back to finish his reindeer.
I filled out the adoption application for this dog today. Isn't she cute? We want to at least meet her. The adoption application was scary though. Lots of questions, and I'm nervous we won't be chosen because we have kids. Some of these rescue places are leery of kids. We'll see what happens. She's super cute though, a chihuahua mix.

I got my snowflake tree up.

Word of the Day: Home. I got a lot of stuff done today, while I was home with Quinn.


Rachel Ann said...

Cute cute doggie! I hope you get her! And what a beautiful tree. I follow your blog because of all your artistic creative ideas. =)

Anonymous said...

Don't go w/ any rescue group that gives you a hard time about kids..I mean, they can be cautious but unless the dog has a history of not being good w/ kids there is no reason they should not let you adopt her. She's cute! Wonder what she's mixed with... do you know anything about her history..why she was given up etc?