Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's not real exciting around here today. It's cold. All three cats (even the one that pees on things) slept in the house last night as it was way too cold for them to be outside. I went to work-ice on the car. Taught some stuff, taught some more stuff, then around one, the boys' school secretary called. Quinn had a fever 101.6, so he had to go home. Scurry around trying to figure out how to get him home quickly. Kevin was about 1/2 hour away, so I made arrangements to place my students with two other teachers so that I could go, pick Quinn up, and then meet Kevin at home. I didn't want the poor guy to have to wait in the office until Kevin got there-he didn't feel well. Kevin got home and I headed back to school to finish out the day, and make sub plans. He's had a headache off and on, but he's been playing the Wii, and screaming his head off (in fun, not in fit). He's felt a little warm, but not that warm. Because of the fever, he's home tomorrow, which means I am also home tomorrow. That's ok. It's not like I can't find a million things to do around here tomorrow.
Remember this? I think I posted about it this summer. I picked it up in an antique store on our big RV trip this summer. It's a brooch. I made it into a pendant though, and hung it on a matching chain. I'm happy with it.
Here's the back. I cut the pointy part off of the pin back, so it wouldn't catch on my clothes, or me. Can you see the stitches back there? The beads are all stitched onto the background fillagree. That's so cool. I wonder how old this piece is? I absolutely love it.

This dog is so freakin' CUTE! I think we must be crazy, but we feel it's time the boys have a dog, and I actually really want one as well. This little girl is a mix of Boston Terrier and Chihuahua. I would adopt her in a heartbeat, except that she's blind and requires another dog as a companion, to be "her eyes." We really can't devote the kind of time to her, that she needs, as well as another dog. We have to have a portable dog, kind of small, that likes to travel, and loves to cuddle. I want a lap dog.

Word of the Day: Prep & Landing. ( I know that's not one word) We watched that tonight. It's a Disney 1/2 hour Christmas show. I guess it was supposed to air last week, but was cancelled
due to the President's speech. Cute little story line, and computer animated. Enjoyed by all four of us.

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